Printed Patterns

Welcome to my Pattern Page!
Here is where you will find ALL of my primitive grungy dirty patterns.
They are PRINTED patterns, which means that I will print them out for you, and mail them to you,
free of charge!  (FREE FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY!!!!!) Canadian buyers MUST pay shipping costs, so email me BEFORE you place your order!!!!)  So all pattern prices are exact with no shipping charges added on!!  (USA ONLY!!!)
Just add your patterns to the cart, then check out in Paypal.  When Payment is made,
I will send your pattern to you through USPS.   IF you want to send a check or USPS money order, please
go to my order form page and print out an order form and send it along with your check or money order. All
checks and money orders are to be made out to "TERESA LEHMAN".........Please do NOT make them out to
Tennessee Ridge Primitives...I'll have to send it back to you if you do since my bank won't take them.
Now have fun....browse through all of the pattern catagories, and fill your cart full of primitive grungy patterns :)

If you make ANY of my patterns to sell at craft shows, online, ebay, your website, etc., you
MUST give me credit as the pattern designer! NO mass producing at all!!! NO copies can be made
of my patterns EXCEPT for ONE for yourself.  They (Patterns or E-patterns) may not be offered online or offline without
my written permission!!!!  I retain all copyrights to all of my patterns and finished work.
Now....The most IMPORTANT thing of all...........HAVE FUN Primmin' up some GRUNGY Prims!! :)

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Make Do's